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About publishing house

What we do

We, ?Bioprom? publishing house, do many things.

First, we publish two wonderful scientific-practical magazines ?Meat business? and ?Products & Ingredients? which will no doubt become Your companions and partners.

Second, we support ?Price lines? which is the supplement to our magazines. Here you can always find fresh information on goods you are interested in (since October, 2006 - in electronic format).

Third, we issue professional literature, reference books and teacher editions.

Moreover we consult on the industry, organize/support seminars, round tables.

???Meat business???? has been issued since April, 2002
registration certificate KB 9309 
???Food & ingredients????
?? since October, 2003
registration certificate KB 7819 


???Meat business????magazine is established by ?Bioprom? Ltd, National Association of Meat and ?Ukrmiaso? meat products manufacturers, Ukrainian Association of Customers and some enterprises, which are the leaders of the industry.

???Food & ingredients???? magazine is established by ?Bioprom? Ltd, ?The L.I. Medved Institute of Ecological Hygiene and Toxicology? state enterprise, Technological Institute of Milk and Meat of Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences, Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies

"Bioprom" Ltd
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