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To authors

How to place an article

We are looking for cooperation on a paid basis with experts of food industry, scientists, post-graduate students and graduate students.

 Materials should be submitted either in Word format or printed format.

Images should be submitted in separate files in jpg, tif, psd (Photoshop), cdr (CorelDRAW) formats with the resolution of 300 dpi.

Images in the text should be replaced with names of graph files.

You should indicate an author's post and academic title, address, a person to contact, telephone number.

Authors are liable for the authenticity of information and terminology used in articles. Submitted materials, photos, images can not be returned, scripts are not reviewed.

For more information on the placement of articles call at:
8(044) 243-32-97,
Yelizaveta Svyatkivskaya,
8(044) 245-75-19, Larysa
8(044) 248-03-54, Irina Akinfiyeva.


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