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Plan of subjects

FI plan of subjects for 2007


Every edition has:
Food markets: current situation on major food markets, news, events, monitoring


January (? 1)

Issue's topic: dairy industry

Product: chocolate products

February (? 2)

Issue's topic: frozen products

Product: bakery products

March (?3)

Issue's topic: ice-cream

Product: semi-finished products (dough products with meat, fish and mixed stuffing)

April (?4)

Issue's topic: cheesemaking

Product: confectionery

May (?5)

Issue's topic: beverages

Product: fat-and-oil products

June (?6)

Issue's topic: dairy industry (fermented milk products)

Product: bakery products

August (?7)

Issue's topic: confectionary industry

Product: snacks


September (?8)

Issue's topic: bakery industry

Product: beer

October (?9)

Issue's topic: Ingredients

Product: semi-finished products

November (?10)

Issue's topic: fat-and-oil industry

Product: cheese

December (?11)

Issue's topic: producing sauces, mayonnaises and ketchups

Product: bakery products


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