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About magazine

"Food & ingredients" magazine's output data

First published 2003
Periodicity: 11 issues annually (except July)
Circulation: 3000??У5000 copies
Price: 17 Hr. (150 Rub., 10 Euro) (through the editorial office of magazine)
Volume: 112??У120 pages
Supplement: "Price Lines" (digital edition)
Launch date: on 1st of every month (except July)

Term of delivery: 5??У10 days


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??? Food Markets
??? Ingredients
??? Issue's topic
??? Product
??? Science and Production
??? Exotic Things

is distributed by subscription and by sending to addresses of food industry's enterprises and trade companies of Ukraine and other foreign countries, to profile state committees, municipal administrations, libraries, state educational institutions and research institutions, and at specialized exhibitions, seminars, conferences in Ukraine and abroad.

The target audience of the magazine includes directors, managers, process engineers and technical experts of food industry's enterprises as well as profile state committees and agencies, scientific institutes and higher education institutions.

There are companies among our readers that deal with sales, certification and marking of food products, sales and production of equipment, package, raw materials, ingredients and food additives for all branches of food industry.

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